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Pecan crumbs mixed with Summer's Secret Seasoning in a flat plate.

Pecan crumbs with Summer's Secret Seasoning

Roll goat cheese in pecan/seasoning mixture.

Roll goat cheese in pecan/seasoning mixture.

In this instance, I used an 8 oz. log of cheese and baked it in the pan I planned to serve it in.

Goat cheese log ready to go in the oven.

Baked Goat Chese with multi-grain toast pieces, ready to serve.

Baked Goat Chese with Multi-grain toast pieces.

Goat cheese is one of my favorite cheeses. It's full of flavor and tastes good on a plain cracker or baked in a recipe ... It even freezes well. Baked goat cheese is an easy, elegant-looking dish that can be served as an appetizer with bread or crackers, or on top of a salad as a first course. This version is made with pecans, but you can substitute different nuts - try several different kinds until you find your favorite.

Ingredients ...

1 pound of your favorite goat cheese (4 oz. logs are easiest to work with)

1 cup pecans

1 tablespoon Summer’s Secret Seasoning

Sliced bread or crackers

Stuff you'll need ...

Food processor or blender

Pie plate or flat, shallow pan with edges

Food-handling gloves (optional)

Cookie sheet or shallow baking dish


Directions ...

Take the goat cheese out of the refrigerator and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Pre-heat oven to 250°.


Place the pecans and Summer’s Secret Seasoning in the food processor or blender and process until the pecans are small-ish crumbs.


Put the pecan/seasoning mix into the pie plate. Carefully press the goat cheese logs* into the seasoning mix until all the cheese is coated. Place the coated cheese on the cookie sheet, or oven-proof baking dish that has enough room for crackers. (*If using goat cheese that is in a large round, cut slices about 1” thick and remove the rind. You can also slice the small logs into one-ounce rounds if serving on top of a salad or for individual appetizer plates.)


Bake for 15 minutes**. Remove from oven and let the cheese stand about 5 minutes before using your spatula to carefully transfer the cheese to a serving plate.

Serving Suggestions ...

Serve at happy hour with bread or crackers and white wine.


**You can also cook the logs about 5-7 minutes longer, which will make it drier. Let it cool, and then crumble it over a salad.